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California COVID-19 risk screening and testing

If you are interested in getting tested for COVID-19, complete an online screener based on guidelines from public health officials. Based on the responses and testing appointment availability, you will learn whether you qualify for testing through this program at this time.

We are working to rapidly expand testing in every way that we can; please check back soon as we add more testing sites and may expand eligibility criteria.

Currently offering COVID-19 testing in California:

  • San Jose (Santa Clara county)
  • San Mateo (San Mateo county)
  • Lake Elsinore (Riverside county)
  • Sacramento (Sacramento county)

Advancing testing and containment for COVID-19

Public health officials globally are working together to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Expanding access to reliable screening is critical to containment efforts.

The COVID-19 Program is a collaboration between Verily’s Project Baseline and the state of California to expand access to COVID-19 screening and testing in areas with a high volume of known cases.

The COVID-19 Program is focused on:

  • Helping those with concerns about COVID-19 to possibly get tested free of cost
  • Enabling public health officials to target testing efforts

Who's eligible to get screened for COVID-19 testing?

  • Age 18 or older
  • Located in one of the counties where testing is currently available
  • Willing to sign COVID-19 Public Health authorization form and lab consent
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